Design Place Miami is in the midst of many of Miami’s iconic neighborhoods. Miami Beach is only a quick drive away and Downtown Miami is just a short ride away. You’ll feel right at home with Miami’s most vibrant districts surrounding your new home.


The Miami Design District is occupied with many low-rise buildings that have been converted and renovated into high-end art galleries, prominent flag ship designer stores, and an array of other luxury urban spaces. This upscale neighborhood has put itself on the map as one of Miami’s hottest destinations.


Downtown Miami is the cultural, financial, and commercial heart of Miami. Also brimming with residential buildings, Downtown Miami is occupied by the sub-neighborhoods Brickell, Omni, Park West, and the Miami Jewelry District. You can find everything you’d ever need in Downtown Miami.


Midtown Miami is home to upscale shopping that is reminiscent of New York’s SOHO neighborhood, as well as many local shops and restaurants. In the more recent years, many office businesses have joined the neighborhood and have helped round out the flourishing energy.


South Beach has become the tourism hot spot of Miami over the past several years. The night life speaks for itself and often draws people of all ages, while the sprawling beaches bring out anyone who can appreciate the sun, sand, and ocean. The booming neighborhood is what most people picture when they think of Miami; luckily, Design Place is only a stone’s throw away.


MWynwood in Miami is a thriving neighborhood, filled with art galleries, museums, performance venues and so much more. While art and fashion dominate much of the area within Wynwood’s borders, the energy is at a constant high and the streets are brimming with vibrant colors. The irresistible radiance of Wynwood will captivate you.


Design Place Miami resides comfortably near many of Miami’s hottest destinations. Nearby, you’ll find trendy restaurants, big flagship stores, galleries, beaches and so much more! Find yourself surrounded by everything you could possibly need to make Design Place feel like home.